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New Year’s…zzzz

December 31, 2008

* sound of snoring *

New Year’s Eves somehow aren’t quite what they used to be once you have small children. Apart from anything else, exhausted parents have a tendency to be pretty much comatose long before the witching hour of midnight. Of course, the now-popular-in-Britain continental-style New Year fireworks do tend to rouse the little darlings from their slumbers. This gives one a good opportunity to practise the distraction tactics – “Look at the pretty colours in the sky” hopefully being more effective at short-circuiting the wailing than “No, it’s not a war, or pirates storming the house – stop crying and try and go back to sleep”.

Anyway, the purpose of this short post is NOT to whinge. Clipped wings of partying notwithstanding, I shall be certainly be clinking a glass of something alcoholic (though sadly not fizzy – academic salaries not what they were and all that) as the chimes / explosions / pissed-up neighbours give voice at the turn of the year.

So – the purpose of this short message is to wish readers a Happy New Year.

And also to trail an idea. I have been thinking of starting a “diary” page, a bit like David Colquhoun’s one, for the new year. Partly to tide over the embarrassingly long intervals between substantive posts – partly to have somewhere to put less scientific musings like this – and partly because I am too thick to work out how to do a mini-blog or a Delicious feed. Feel free to tell me it’s a crap idea. Or not.