New Year’s…zzzz

* sound of snoring *

New Year’s Eves somehow aren’t quite what they used to be once you have small children. Apart from anything else, exhausted parents have a tendency to be pretty much comatose long before the witching hour of midnight. Of course, the now-popular-in-Britain continental-style New Year fireworks do tend to rouse the little darlings from their slumbers. This gives one a good opportunity to practise the distraction tactics – “Look at the pretty colours in the sky” hopefully being more effective at short-circuiting the wailing than “No, it’s not a war, or pirates storming the house – stop crying and try and go back to sleep”.

Anyway, the purpose of this short post is NOT to whinge. Clipped wings of partying notwithstanding, I shall be certainly be clinking a glass of something alcoholic (though sadly not fizzy – academic salaries not what they were and all that) as the chimes / explosions / pissed-up neighbours give voice at the turn of the year.

So – the purpose of this short message is to wish readers a Happy New Year.

And also to trail an idea. I have been thinking of starting a “diary” page, a bit like David Colquhoun’s one, for the new year. Partly to tide over the embarrassingly long intervals between substantive posts – partly to have somewhere to put less scientific musings like this – and partly because I am too thick to work out how to do a mini-blog or a Delicious feed. Feel free to tell me it’s a crap idea. Or not.


4 Responses to “New Year’s…zzzz”

  1. pleick Says:

    Happy new year to you and your family!

    By the way: let Dr. Aust’s spleen stay the way it is. The substantial posts make it worth reading.

  2. northerndoctor Says:

    I agree. I would do the diary if you want to but otherwise don’t bother. Don’t be embarrassed if you post infrequently and don’t feel you have to apologise either.
    I like the posts the way they are – if they don’t come around every day that is fine. I’ve got little ‘uns too and I wouldn’t have time to read them anyway…
    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Bob O'H Says:

    If you want to post small things (microblogging, I think they call it), try FriendFeed. You can post links to your proper posts as well, and get conversations going on FF.

  4. draust Says:

    Thanks chaps

    I don’t think it would ever be a daily, or even other-daily diary… I’m far too undisciplined for that, and since nothing much happens to me I would be in severe danger of becoming less Dr Aust and more Dr Pooter.

    The main idea was to have somewhere separate, and updating, where I could stack under-300-word thoughts, notably ones triggered by events… a bit like the kind of reactive and/or random musings that currently tend to languish in the comments threads. That way they could collect in one place, whilst not getting in the way of the more substantive stuff in posts. Besides, it looks a bit obsessively friendless if you are the major contributor to your own comments threads…!

    Bob – thanks for the FriendFeed tip. I’m not sure about “Micro-Blogging”, though. Being an ageing fart I thought it sounded a bit like Instant Messaging or a Chatroom, things I have always avoided like the plague. Actually, one main reason is that, as a man with a Truly Legendary Ability to Procrastinate (just ask any of my family, friends, co-authors, colleagues…), I need another way to kill time like… well, I just don’t, really. And it also sounds like you would have to be REALLY brief there, another very non-Dr Aust characteristic. So I’m thinking more “Milli-blogging” than “Micro”. What do you find you actually use Friend Feed for?

    PS Bob – I worked out who it was that had used the wonderful phrase “spineless caitiffery” – it was the esteemed Dr*T of Thinking is Dangerous, writing about those worms Netcetera in the Quackometer-becomes-Spartacus saga. Wish I’d said it, though – the best I could come up with for Netcetera was “utterly gutless”.

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