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Now live – Dr Aust’s diary and/or trivia

January 10, 2009

I have now set up a new “Diary and attendant minor musings” page on the blog. However, it doesn’t seem to be “registering” over on the BadScienceBlogs aggregator, so this brief post is simply to draw attention to its existence. I hope to update it sporadically with occasional entries, either on what I’ve been doing (though hopefully not much of that as it would be utterly boring), or with comments on BadSci-ish things that have caught my eye but don’t quite make it to a full 1000-word plus Dr Aust verbosity-fest.

As my inaugural inconsequentiality you will find me considering subjecting myself to what some people might call a “complementary” therapy. Strange but true.

For more light on this, click here.

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