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They seek it here… they seek it there

May 14, 2009

A real new post to come soon – honest

EDIT: Up! At last!

Rumours of my disappearance have been much exaggerated. I’ve just been very busy – no time to finish things, which for a slow writer is the kiss of death. And then there’s the knackered 5 yr-old home computer on the fritz. And the existential despair. And Easter.

Now, one of my regular correspondents has been emailing me to ask me why I have not yet had anything to say on the deeply depressing ruling by Mr Justice Eady in the BCA vs. Simon Singh case.

The main reason is that everything I could think of to say has been said already, and better, by others, most notably Sceptical Legal Eagle Jack of Kent.

Nonetheless, I hope to post something in the next day or two in which I will shamelessly re-hash all my old opinions about Simon Singh, chiropractic, and the bizarre (not to say barking mad) nature of the UK Law of Defamation. You can find a preview of my thinking in a comment I wrote here.

In the meantime, I do have one observation. A couple of people had commented on various blogs that the British Chiropractic Association’s webpage “Happy Families”, which was the one that Simon Singh’s much discussed and allegedly defamatory article referred to, has disappeared from the BCA’s website.

Perhaps this is because the whole matter is, as they say, sub judice.

However, never fear – if you are interested in seeing it, it can still be found on the websites of some of the very many chiropractors who are members of the BCA. For instance, a leaflet version is here (pdf) [Update 15th June – it seems to be gone – wonder why?]. And excerpts from it also appear on many chiropractors’ websites – for instance here and also here (click on “Happy Families”) [Oops – that one’s gone too].


And a final thought – it would be interesting to know what the Advertising Standards Authority would make of some of the claims.