Chiropraktischer Untergang – updated with added Sturm und Drang

There seems to be something of a fashion at the moment for making “mash-ups” by splicing ironic subtitles to clips from the brilliant, if harrowing, German movie Der Untergang (Downfall), which deals with the last days in the Berlin Führerbunker in late April 1945.

The first one of these I saw is here.  (There is also this which uses a different clip to make the same point)

More recently, this hilarious one featuring the vagaries and annoyances of the peer review process has been doing the global rounds of scientists.

There are plenty more, too, dealing with every irritation you can think of, if you have a poke around on Youtube. The phenomenon even has its own paragraph in the Wikipedia entry on Der Untergang. Note, though, that the language in many of these parodies is way past “industrial” to something more like “paint-stripping”. You have been warned.

Heute Chiropraktik – morgen die Welt

Today I see, via the Bad Science boys over on Twitter, that the set-up has been “re-cast” again to cover the evidence (!) for chiropractic for infant colic.  Definitely a must-view for all those who have been enjoying watching the UK chiropractors make a laughing stock of themselves over the BCA v Simon Singh libel case.  A must-view provided you’re not easily offended by four letter words, that is. Or a chiropractor.

Update:  chiropractic Sturm und Drang ?

Rather surprisingly, I have just discovered that the chiropractic-for-colic mash-up is not the only communication on chiropractic to emerge aus dem Führerbunker.

Nor, indeed, is it the only one in which Der Führer assumed the persona of a chiropractor. Stimmt.

There is, you see, another one.

However, this other one is a bit different. It is not sceptical in the sense of  “scientifically sceptical about chiropractic”. It is rather the opposite; a satirical attack on the chiropractic regulators, the General Chiropractic Council or GCC, presumably from other chiropractors.

While we don’t know who authored this one, I am guessing it is the creation of a disaffected chiropractor taking broadly what I will call the “Richard Lanigan view”. Lanigan is a blogging maverick ex-chiropractor, ex-member and sometime scourge of the GCC. From a reading of his blog, he – and a good few other chiropractors judging by the comments there – seem to be very angry with the GCC for having actively pursued, and presided over, statutory regulation. Among other reasons, this is seemingly because they see the move to statutory regulation as having opened chiropractors up to being “regulated via complaint case-law”.

After all, once you are a statutory regulator you have clear legal obligations, including investigating complaints about your members. So if people complain – say by alleging that statements on chiropractors’ websites are contrary to ASA or Trading Standards rules, or breach the GCC Code of Conduct – then the GCC is (at least you would think) obliged to investigate, and then obliged to rule. These rulings, and any resulting restrictions, are then effectively binding upon the practitioners who wish to remain registered.

The “radical” chiropractors appear to see this as the GCC “selling out” chiropractic. They seem to think it will lead to more and more restrictions on what chiropractors are allowed to do and say.

Of course, you might think that was actually a good idea.

Anyway, in the video Der Führer seems to be being cast as the chief GCC regulator. If you wonder who the “Pricey” is who is referred to at some stage, I think I have found the answer in this blog post of Lanigan’s.

It all makes for quite an interesting insight into the internecine warfare that seems to characterise so many of the Alt.Health “professions”.

And as for the chiropractors in particular, I am tempted to add to my collection of made-up German polysyllables with this one of my own devising:



8 Responses to “Chiropraktischer Untergang – updated with added Sturm und Drang”

  1. Neuroskeptic Says:

    The peer review one is the best Downfall mashup I’ve seen. Thanks for linking it!

  2. dt Says:

    Inspired by the chiro video, I have made my own contribution for your enjoyment, on the trials and tribulations of Hitler getting his homeopathic cure.

    Make sure you have the captions turned on (arrow in bottom right corner)

  3. Michael K Gray Says:

    dt, that is a mark of true genius, and quite the best of this genre so far.
    Thanks for the belly laugh near the end…

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  6. Richard Lanigan Says:

    Hi Dr Aust,
    Just to clarify.

    If chiropractors or health professionals mislead patients of course they should be brought to book. Six hundred chiropractors have websites based on templates from the US, which contravene ASA rules, they should change them. A sensible regulator like the Osteopathic council would have given registrants a notice of removal, rather than spend millions entertaining sceptics. Dont know what the GMC did in 1998 after the Kings Fund study criticised the Information provided in GPs clinics. I am pretty sure they did not go after 700 GPs.

    The Irony is, I am a believer in “free speech” and someone who supported Simon Singh right to criticise the chiropractic profession and the GCC are no lovers of free speech. The GCC spent in the region of £100,000 trying to get me to remove my postings criticising them and got a High Court order for me to identify people who had posted comments on the blog using pseudonyms. I have no Idea how much the GCC spend using Private Investigators to keep me under surveillance in 2009, I may find out now the Information Commissioners Office has order them to reveal the results of their investigation, under the Data protection Act.

    The GCC do not treat all chiropractors equally (BCA has more influence on council and wrote to Zeno asking him to include other non BCA members in his complaint, to prevent the BCA haemorrhaging members to other association because the effect the complaints will have on BCA insurance premiums).

    My moral principles would prevent me from having anything to do with a body like that and I would not use them to hurt people I did not agree with. I resigned from the BCA in 2005 because the BCA would not include the Human Rights act into their disciplinary procedures.

    Because I practise woo does not mean I also lack integrity. If you believe I make false claims about spinal care, please let me know what they are? I posted an article about Colic last week for sceptics to comment on and offer their own solutions for children with colic.

  7. Michael Kingsford Gray Says:

    Jeeze Richard, you are *almost* forcing me to like you!
    Keep up this apparent evidence-based attitude, and you will be a physiotherapist in no time, and abandoning the magical essence that keeps chiropractic in 4th gear, and running.

    I shall peruse your article, but am (alas) not yet adequately trained to comment on the medical aspects in any meaningful manner, for I am but a physical scientist.

    But then, neither are you, for the same reason.

    As for offering my “solutions” for INFANT colic, (for that was the nub of Simon’s objection), may I suggest executing multiple double-blinded clinical trials, (not an especially difficult proposal when dealing with pædiatrics), combined with prior rigorous scientific plausibility assessments.

    Have not the various Chiropractic Councils around the globe performed dozens or even hundreds of of these? If not, why not?
    If so, why has no-one ever heard of them?
    Surely it is up to the industry to fund such studies?

  8. Richard Lanigan Says:

    Hi Michael, I take it you are not a priest (the picture). I just dont want to be part of any revolution where people take themselves too seriously. I am the guy in the room (the elephant)who is going to ask the question people would rather was left alone. This weekend it was my secondary school alumni and sexual abuse by priests at the school in the 60s,70s,80s and now I discover the 90s. Same priest and no one bothers to do anything. Different subject, different people, same old boys clubs run by jobsworths who will not accept responsibility for the mistakes that were made. No CAM practitioners in this lot. A former EU commissioner, a government minister, a few millionaires and quiet a few medical doctors.
    A number of small studies have been done on Colic with varying results. Babies cry for visceral reasons and because they want to be picked up. Colic is not well understood and there are problems with accurate diagnosis. I would not use picking up as the placebo, rather than focus on a specific conditions, I would like to see studies comparing the general health of groups getting spinal care and those not.
    I see four or five infants a year with colic not enough for a study and not enough for those who see back and neck pain as the coins of the chiropractic realm. Evidence for the effectiveness of chiropractic affecting the symptoms of colic would benefit this debate with sceptics but have very little effect on what we see in practice every day.
    As someone who loves working with children I would be delighted if they did this research. What the powers that be (like the BCA )will do is keep their heads down focus on NICE guidelines. Anyone who asks about colic, will be told unscientific chiropractors make these claims but BCA chiropractors focus on scientific evidence and musculo skeletal pain syndromes. 12 months from now most will have forgotten who was making the “bogus claims”.

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