Crystalline stuff – but it’s NOT Woo

In  which Dr Aust greets a newbie (ish) to the Sceptical Blogoverse

It is always nice to welcome a new blogger to the Bad Science blogosphere – especially when the blogger is:

(i) A proper scientist (works in a lab, and that stuff)
(ii) Someone you’ve actually met
(iii) Doing a nice job of debunking the Magic Beans Shaking Water Brigade, aka the Homeopaths.

In which context, it is a pleasure to see fellow skeptical drinker “Xtal Dave” now live and blogging on WordPress, having transferred his blog over from his old spot at Posterous.

If you are wondering what this has to do with crystals, as per the title, Dave is an X-ray crystallographer (and a biochemist, but we won’t hold that against him).

Dave is, in fact, the second blogging x-ray crystallographer I know, the first being the excellent Professor Stephen Curry, who blogs at Reciprocal Space.

“Xtal” is a sort of reduced scientists’ shorthand for “Crystal”, if you were wondering.

Anyway, Dave has moved his blog archive, which stretches back to late Autumn, over from Posterous, so do go and check it out.


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