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Are journalists “channeling” Dr Aust?

May 12, 2010

In which Dr Aust is left feeling that British politics has “Gone Four Weddings“.

So we have a brand new coalition Government here in Britain…. run by a couple of frightfully nice well-spoken chaps.

So well-spoken and self-deprecatingly jolly, indeed, that they seem almost to have stepped out of some splendidly British drama about…. well, nice chaps. And chap-esses, of course.

Dr Aust, no doubt like many others, had already noticed this feature of some of our political leaders.

For instance, here is a comment I left on Dr Grumble’s blog back in early January:


” Perhaps this is my chance to repeat my line about “Call Me Dave” Cameron being:

“a genetically engineered hybrid of Mrs Thatcher, the Blessed Tony (Blair) and Bertie Wooster

..although you could just as easily substitute the Hugh Grant character in Four Weddings and A Funeral for Bertie Wooster. I can’t watch Four Weddings now without the eerie feeling that “Call Me Dave” is going to stroll into shot at any moment.”


And here is Telegraph political correspondent James Kirkup, on Twitter just now and widely re-tweeted:

“oh god. The country is now being run by two characters from a Richard Curtis film. “

And the same idea at more length here.

I wonder if James has been reading Dr Aust? Almost certainly not. But it does show that the triumph of the (largely privately-educated) British political class is clear to those with any sort of an eye.


Addendum: You can follow the additions to the cabinet, and get an at-a-glance guide to their educational background, here.

And of interest to scientists in the UK, David “Two Brains”  Willetts MP has been named as Minister for Universities and Science.  The first reaction from non-Tory University scientists appears to be “Could have been a lot worse”. Willetts is certainly viewed as a more heavyweight Tory figure than Adam Afriyie MP, who held the shadow portfolio for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Addendum 2: More on David Willetts in a useful post by Mark Henderson.

and another from Michael Banks at Physics World.