Spam spam spam spam… and an apology

Apologies for the long break in transmission. We headed off on our family Summer holiday on July 31st, to a place beyond the reach of broadband internet (yes, it is possible, even in Northern Europe – it is apparently all a matter of how many metres your dwelling place is away from the box where the optical fibre cables are).

Having failed to finish anything adequately before leaving (hence the silent July), the internet absence has taken care of most of August. And finally, the journey home (including ten hours on a daytime ferry crossing with both Jr Aust and Baby Aust bouncing off the cabin walls) meant that, once we got back here a few days ago, Mrs Dr Aust and I were pretty much good for nothing but comatose slumping. At least, as much comatose slumping as is possible with a six year-old jumping repeatedly on your stomach.

Anyway, I have something short and not terribly bad science-y in mind which I will try and write up and post up tomorrow (fingers crossed), but in the meantime… sorry.

Though I have made one discovery through this prolonged Blog-Silence. It is about spam, a perennial bane of bloggers despite the excellent spam filtering on WordPress.

The discovery is as follows:

If you don’t want to get spam on your blog…

…don’t post anything.


PS In the spirit of  Spam-ology, and of scientific investigation, I shall be keeping a count of the amount of spam that this post  generates. So far there are three (3)…

…all of which are fairly genteel “Comment spam”. (i.e. they look like brief neutral comments about the blog or post, but are really spam as their point is to add a link back to a site or blog which is selling something). Comment spam seems to have been on an irresistible rise these last few months, presumably as the spammers try and get craftier to outwit the automated spam-filters.

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