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November 11, 2010










Dr Aust often wears a standard red poppy for Remembrance Day. Though if white poppies were easier to find I might be tempted to wear both together, as discussed here.

When I wrote at somewhat greater length about Remembrance Day last year, I said (actually in the comments):

“I think most people who stop for a minute or two at 11 o’clock do it precisely to remember all those people swept up by war, many (most?) of whom never had a choice – “ordinary heroes”, if you like. And for me personally that includes the civilian casualties of war too, and the people who mourned the lost – all the victims of war, if you like. Though of course these two groups are not officially remembered on the day. But for me the day and the moment – not the official pomp and trappings – stand for all the lost and damaged of war, as much as anything can.”

And just today I read something else, penned by Dr Phil Yerboots, that brought home this point about all those other lives changed forever by wars.

So if you do want to stop at 11 o’clock, do it for whatever reason seems right to you. There are no rules about remembering.