Sorry, nothing much up here yet, though an updated “bio” is in preparation

(Note:  if you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that this means it will probably never be finished. Dr Aust is not one of life’s “finishers”, something that has frustrated several of my past Bosses.)

I haven’t quite decided yet whether the semi-hypothetical updated bio will be a mostly accurate biographical sketch, or a completely over-the-top Alt.Medicine guru-type bio in which every Nobel Prize winner, or other eminent scientific figure, that  I was ever in the same room as will be listed as a

“close friend and scientific inspiration”.

This latter type of bio would be more fun to write, as well as useful if I ever decide to Embrace The Dark Side and set myself up as a Brave Maverick ScientistCelebrity Detox-Peddler, “Holistic Nutritionist”, Alternative Doctor or Natural Health Guru

Don’t worry… … Only  joking.  Well, mostly.

If  (when?) the bio ever goes up, the clue as to which type of bio it is will be whether I mention any Prizes I won at school or at University. If I do, you can be sure that it is an “Alternative” bio sketch.

In fact, this really should be an Internet Law like Scopies Law:

“In a biographical sketch on a website, anyone who

(i) makes a living out of people believing in their knowledge and authority; and

(ii) describes themself as “prize winning” or “leading”

– is immediately revealed as a complete smug ****, and probably a snake-oil salesman

In the meantime, if you are actually interested, some biographical info and other why-I-blog stuff can be found here. It isn’t that interesting, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

There is also the infrequently-updated Diary Page, which sometimes tells you something more about life at Casa Aust – usually consisting of reasons why I am too harrassed/knackered/writer’s block-ed  to post anything, or just general minor grumbling.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Malcolm Martin Says:

    coroners and alternative therapies

    Very sad and very predictable

  2. draust Says:

    Hmm. Re the very sad story of the late Russell Jenkins that Malcolm Martin’s link refers to, see Dr* T’s blog for the background.

    As far as I can tell, Ms Cherie Cameron, Russell Jenkins’ partner and a former nurse, is not on the Nursing Register any more. I would be worried if she were. Of course, she may well have given up Nursing when she got into alternative therapy.

    I guess the problem is a legal standard of proof in attempting to prove/charge “criminal neglect” (in effect). As the judge says in judgement (para 42):

    “However, the issue for the Coroner was not whether there was an arguable case of unlawful killing but whether he could be sure.

    (italics added)

    In some aspects the case reminds me a bit of the Kerrie Wooltorton one, which was much discussed in the media recently, and subsequently on the medical and ethics blogs.

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